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Emeryville CA

Carpet Cleaning Services Emeryville CA

Emeryville, California

Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Emeryville CA

Nobody wants a spotted carpet in their home or office space. Searching for a clean carpet that looks like new is everyone’s desire after regular cleaning. However, its physical appearance is often not what we expect, especially after years of dust and pet stains accumulation, and everyday traffic. To schedule a carpet cleaning service that will contribute to impacting your health for good, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment with Captain Carpet Care.

Every day, microbes, soil, dust, and different stains collect at the surface and underneath your carpet and are not visible to the eye. They will slowly begin to damage your carpet fabric without you even notice it.

At Captain Carpet Care, we will give you astonishing results once we proceed to clean your carpet with our state of the art equipment. Moreover, Eco-friendly sprays and controlled methods to professionally clean your carpet. Also, our team crew members on which you can trust will help you in making your indoor home environment tidy and dirt-free.

For a decade, our carpet cleaning company is using its expertise and cleaning skills in conjunction with advanced technology to provide you the best. We also follow all your carpet manufacturers’ instructions as we are factory trained as well as in our warehouse facilities. We will use specialized cleaning equipment that smoothly extracts all the hidden dirt residue and outdoor contaminants.

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Cleaning your home or business with environmentally friendly, non-toxic products is an important part of our mission to provide safe and green services. Powerful cleaning agents can be loaded with harmful chemicals and cause adverse side effects, so unlike other cleaning companies, we use plant-based, organic and 100% bio-degradable cleaning products. Our eco-friendly products are safe for pets, the environment, and people of all ages. Cleaning with green products also makes a world of difference for those who suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, upholstery, and tile, no one does it like Captain Carpet Cleaning Services. Our state-of-the art, brand new equipment is second to none and will eliminate even the toughest dirt, leaving your home or business like new.

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Carpet Cleaning Services Emeryville CA

At Captain Carpet Care we believe in treating people the way we want to be treated, which means treating people well. By mastering our craft, completing projects on time, and charging fair prices we accomplish this. Hard work, honesty and creativity complete the 3 sides of the triangle.

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