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Vacuuming alone is not enough to keep your carpet clean and free of stains. Dirt, dust, and allergens are always found deep under the carpet layers, and only with professional carpet cleaning services, they will go away. To keep your carpet and rugs allergen-free, we recommend our professional cleaning services.

Our crew members are experienced in these types of fabrics, preserving the colors, and maintaining its pristine condition. The proper method of carpet cleaning, combined with Eco-friendly products, would enhance the appearance of any carpet.

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Everyday, allergens, soil, microbes, dust vermin and different stains collect at first glance and underneath your carpet. Initially, these contaminants are not visible, but slowly, it starts damaging your home quality and carpet fabric. You won’t be able to see these invisible contaminants, they are there. Your carpet will look tidy and clean, but the reality is something differ. In reality, it is not clean from the inner surface of the carpet.

It might be an astonishing similarity that your home carpeting works like just a filter. All things which exist in your carpet, is generally present in the air that you inhale, including bacteria, dust and dirt. Without a doubt, you can utilize a family unit cleaner to evacuate some of this dirt. However, the air will not get clean and healthy, until you won’t refer a thorough and professional cleaning service.

Cleaning your home or business with environmentally friendly, non-toxic products is an important part of our mission to provide safe and green services. Powerful cleaning agents can be loaded with harmful chemicals and cause adverse side effects, so unlike other cleaning companies, we use plant-based, organic and 100% bio-degradable cleaning products. Our eco-friendly products are safe for pets, the environment, and people of all ages. Cleaning with green products also makes a world of difference for those who suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, upholstery, and tile, no one does it like Captain Carpet Cleaning Services. Our state-of-the art, brand new equipment is second to none and will eliminate even the toughest dirt, leaving your home or business like new.

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